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Creating a barrier of safety between the bulk cargo and container walls, our ISO bulk container liners ensure comprehensive benefits: safety and freshness of goods, operational economy, ease of loading, handling and discharge, instant reusability of the container and eco-friendliness. Each liner is manufactured from 120 micron to 250 micron food-grade polyethylene film or 110 gsm to 140 gsm woven polypropylene fabric in clean, hygienic surroundings with ISO: 22000 FSMS certification by BSI. Efficient processes, strict quality control, backward integration to raw materials and ongoing R&D processes ensure consistent quality standards.

Our liners ensure safety across every stage of the food chain, from farm to fork. Over the years, they have provided safe and efficient transportation for PE and PP polymer resins, grains, sugar, rice, wheat, cocoa, coffee, other foods stuff and chemicals and many more materials.

Our bulk container liners are manufactured with technical assistance from Linertech, UK. Prime Bulk enjoys exclusive marketing rights of Linertech Container liners, in the Indian Subcontinent, Australia and New Zealand.

Products offered

Polyethylene dry liners, Polypropylene woven liners, Thermal Pallet Covers, Bulkheads


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